Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Monday a week ago I arrived at SMBI for a week of training on the WATER. I spent the weekend going from nervous, to relaxed, to having fun. It was a interesting week. We had no clue what was coming next all week long, and there was even a day with no time. We had no electronics of any assortment. We even had to hand in our cameras. That day the girls dorm didn't have hot water either and something went wrong in the guys dorm so they didn't have water at all, and since I stayed across the road we got to keep our hot water... =) Yeah I survived without my electronics..=) Here are a few pics from this past week...

Human Knot

Monster Walk

We did have time to play. =) Softball one evening!!!

Team Challenge Group!

Swing Set Walk


The Trust Wave

Yes, They said we were in Nicaragua... 
A half week before I got there... =)

Yes, this was my life for a while... Now I am in Nicaragua. I'll try to have pictures later!! =) A verse to share with ya is Matthew 28:20, "And lo, I am with you alway, even unto the ends of the earth."

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