Sunday, April 21, 2013


This weekend our church's mens chorus had a 20 year anniversary. It did not affect me other than the fact that my 2 brothers sang in it. They practiced Friday night, all day Saturday, gave a program at one of the Methodist churches Saturday night, gave a program at Barnwell Mennonite this morning, and gave a program at Hepzibah Mennonite tonight. This morning while they were singing, I allowed my mind to wonder (I confess). =) I started thinking about singing and how much singing has affected my life.

School programs are 3/4 singing. We have done programs that were more story telling and talking, but we always go back to singing. No, We're not the world's greatest singers but we enjoy it!!!

My family sings. Daddy loves to get us together and sing some songs. We have sang a few songs at our church in the evenings, one evening we went to GA and gave a program. In family devotions we sing. Once again, We're not the world's most wonderful singers, but we have fun and we all love to sing (Daddy would say we don't always show it =)).

When we go to Skrivseth reunions, or family from that side come to visit, there is often singing heard. All of Daddy's sisters play piano. His Mom is amazing on the piano, I love to hear her play. Grandma tell's us to gather round and sing. I've been out to visit them and she would have me play the piano, I quote her, "It does my heart good". It does my heart good too to play the piano, and when I'm home I don't play often enough!!!

On the Hege side we don't have as much verbal singing. Grandma did play piano, I always liked to hear her play as well. We, my siblings and I, would stay at mom's brothers house many times when mom and daddy went somewhere, and we would sing in family devotion's.

Our church has a mixed chorus, and a men's chorus (I already mentioned that). We enjoy when groups come and visit us. We enjoy our Sunday evenings when we have song services.

Music is a big part of my life. It has shaped me in so many different ways that I haven't mentioned. I have wondered before why music is so important to me, and I decided today that it has been such a big part of my life I don't think I could live with out. I love listening and making music.

And the verse for this post, since I'm posting about singing, is Psalm 105:2, "Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him, talk ye of all His marvelous works."

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