Monday, February 11, 2013

Bits and Pieces Swimming Around in My Head

What was I thinking when I agreed to the youth host a valentines party for there parents? Yeah, its a good idea, I think it will be great, I'm just feeling like I'm under the water looking up!!! Did I say, I'm the only youth committee left at home? So, for some dumb reason I feel responsible if something doesn't go good... Why? I don't know. I'm trying to keep my head up and move on.

The party is Wednesday night, thoughts of chicken, potatoes, peas, salad, chocolate fondue, fryers and people to fry the chicken, do we have enough dishes, do they look good, what time do I get there to start the food? How much time do I need for everything? Yes, there are other girls doing the decor. I do have girls helping me with the food. Do I have everything? Will I get there and find out I need this, this, and this yet?!?!? I need to send an announcement out about how they are suppose to dress.... Don't forget!!!

Saturday, the youth are building a wheelchair ramp for an elderly couple in the community. I need to get a menu planned for lunch. I need to ask people to bring things. I need to make sure it gets there and gets served.

I need to keep my head above the water for two more weeks. Then the rest of the committee will be home. Then maybe I can have a little time to think. Yes, I will cause then I go to Idaho for two weeks!!!

Yes, that's what else is swimming. Tickets... Will I have enough money even if I take this sabbatical? Not much of a sabbatical, I'm going to help Grandma and Grandpa after Grandma's hip replacement.  Yes, I will... I don't want to fly by myself again!!! But how else am I gonna get there? I will fly and I will enjoy it, again.

I know I'm probably the strangest person, but I like flying. No, I would not have said that after I got home from Idaho in September. But, I do like it! I like the thrill of walking thru airports, the take off, landing, believe it or not, watching people, and believe it or not, I even read so much I get tired of reading when I fly!!!

I just like traveling. I like going and seeing people. I like seeing the wonderful creation that God has created for us to take care of, to see the places people have set aside to show how people lived in the "good 'ole days". This is my first trip this year. I wonder how many more I will take. God knows.

I'm glad I don't plan my life. It would be such a mess. So, I am letting God use me for each day. I plan ahead, but my plan's are liable to change in a little. Sometimes I wish I could see what God has planned for me for at least the next year. But, I don't even wanna know. It would ruin the surprise.

So there are the bits and pieces swimming around in my head. They are really random I know. It's what's in my life. I am enjoying my life!!! I would complain of being bored if I didn't have this stuff going on. So, yes, I am trying to enjoy every moment God gives me.

The verse I will end this post with the verse our sermon was about on Sunday. II Timothy 2:15 says, "Be  diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth."

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