Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Overheard at the Dinner Table....

Grandma Hege is visiting this week. Mom invited a few older ladies from the community here for dinner. She made green beans, salad and dessert, Aunt Benita made German Lasagna, and Aunt Cheryl made bread. It was a delicious dinner. Our discussions were the most interesting. They ranged from cooking at Maranatha Bible School and Heritage Bible School, and who they cooked with, Who is related to who and how long ago it was they were the closest related, What they ate for breakfast when they were young, and more....

Some snippets, I'll try to keep these accurate....
~"How did you keep up with _______________?" "Oh, I didn't keep up with her, I worked around her, she was away pulling some joke on someone...."
~"_________ serves mush one morning, and grits the next morning to please the northerners and southerners." "What is mush exactly?" Much discussion, but from what I picked up, it's cornmeal and milk or water and sugar maybe. "Yes, we would have mush for breakfast, something and or with mush for dinner, and fried mush for supper..."
~"You should tell them what was Granddaddy's favorite food, Grandmother could fix this in the morning before she went to sewing circle or something and his dinner was all ready." "Yes, He liked cracker soup..." "Now what is Cracker Soup?" "Cracker soup is you boil your water, put crushed crackers in it with a lid on top so it absorbs the water, with some sugar and cream on top, then sprinkle nutmeg on top. He really liked it."
That led to....
~"Didn't the Amish feed there children Coffee Soup?" Some shrugs by some of the use to be Amish. "Yes" one lady says, "that's what we had for breakfast every morning. We had coffee soaked in bread on top of scrambled eggs. My husband didn't like it so I never served it after I was married, I don't even know if i would still like it." "Maybe you should make it and try it, to see if you still like it." "I'll have to do that and then make it and invite y'all for breakfast and we'll have Coffee Soup."
~"__________ did some research, and he says everyone in the church is related somehow, except on family."
~ 2nds were being passed around, "What kind of potatoes are these?" "There not potatoes, it's German Lasagna," "Oh, you better tell me what I'm eating" =)
~There were more... But this is all I could remember....

Yes, I got an education at lunch. An interesting one, I always did like history, and to hear some of these ladies telling there memories was a history lesson in itself. I'm glad I went in the house for lunch. Sometimes I think someone aught to write down some of these memories, or they will be totally lost one day.

Now I'm back at the shop. I wanted to write these down while they were still fresh on my mind. The verse to go along with today's post would be, "That the older women should teach the younger."


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