Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Visit to the Prison and The Rest of My Day

A couple days ago mom called me to the kitchen and asked if it would be ok if she signed me up to go to the women's prison in Columbia to help Christmas Carol and pass out cookies to the inmates. I agreed and yesterday was the day to go. We left at about 9:45 am and got up there about 11 am. We went through security, and back through the many gates to the building we were headed to... Once there we sang Christmas Carols and passed out Christmas Cookies and tracts and prayed with the ladies. We then headed out, ate dinner together at Ryan's and headed home. 

No, this was not the first time I was at the prison. Our church has ladies go in once a month and pass out tracts and sing to the ladies in prison. Also, we youth girls go about once a month and play volleyball with the inmates. One of the men in our church is an assistant chaplain at the men's prison, and he has got us youth to go to the men's prison multiple times to take a birthday supper one month, or sing Sunday mornings. So I have been there. I always enjoy my experience when I go. I am always made aware of what I have to be grateful for, my parents who love me and God, my church who allows me to have experiences like this, my friends who care about me and who love God and want to build me up, and so many more... To visit the prison, makes my heart bleed for all those children who's parents don't care. We talked about our thoughts of prison on the way home, and someone made a comment that goes something like this, the prison's are state run and they welcome the Bible, and the schools are state run and the Bible is outlawed there, if they would allow the Bible in the schools and teach the children about God in the schools, it would not be needed as much in the prisons.... Prison's would definitely be emptier if the children were taught about Jesus.... That comment really stuck out to me, maybe because it is so true... 

I got home about 4 and went to the shop till closing (5:30). Since it was just an hour till closing I didn't start anything, I just goofed off with the brothers in the shop... I then went in the house and got ready for a party lite candle party... That was interesting. I did not buy anything cause there wasn't anything really calling my name...

I'll end with a verse that has been roaming in my mind for days... "Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am." ~Phillipians 4:11 NASB~

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